My name is Michael Balchaitis. My mission is to continuously create 3D software training videos that makes 3D artists and designers better.

My Background

I am from Springfield, Pa. I went to community college at Delaware County Community College. I then transferred to Curry College in Milton, Ma in 1997. I came back to PA and earned my Associates Degree in Graphic Design. While in college I taught myself Web Design and started a 17 year career as a web designer and web programmer. I then caught the motion graphics passion using After Effects that lead me to Cinema 4D and 3D software in general. I became hooked and my passion is definitely 3D. I love the precise modeling and the beautiful renders I can make using hard work and skill to make something extraordinary. 

My Business

My Mission is to continuously create products and training that makes 3D artists and designers better.

I create YouTube Tutorials and Sell 3D Software training videos on Vimeo.


YouTube Channel

I began my YouTube Channel as a way to explore After Effects animation. It has evolved to include Cinema 4D and finally Cinema 4D tutorials to help fellow artist and designers become better.

Vimeo Training Videos

I sell my Training Videos on Vimeo that includes but not limited to Motion Graphics, Modeling, UVs, Sculpting, Rigging, Rendering, Lighting, Animation, Textures and Materials. Cinema 4D, UV Layout, TopoGun, Substance Painter and V-ray.