Which is better for 3D modelling: ZBrush or Cinema 4D?

Cinema 4D has a more traditional modeling interface and approach to modeling. The user can Modeling using primitives and model using points, edges and Polygons. There is also deformers to change the shape of your models, and Generators for example, Extrude and lathe.

Zbrush models in 2.5 Dimensions and then can export objects (OBJ format) in 3 Dimensions. Zbrush uses primitives but also Zspheres for your base model. You can also use Shadow box to create your models as well.

Cinema 4D layout is very similar to other 3D programs and 2D programs like Photoshop. Which means getting up and running is faster then Zbrush.

Zbrush’s layout is not as intuitive which means you will be spending your time learning the program instead of modeling.

Cinema 4D also has more traditional way of adding Materials, UV, painting and Rendering. You can also rig and animate in Cinema 4D.

Zbrush has excellent Brushes and connects easily with other programs such as Cinema 4D for example using GOZ.

I recommend Cinema 4D for ease of use, Animation and Rendering your Models.

I recommend Zbrush for it’s large Brushes for Digital Sculpting and easy ways to make base meshes.

My Choice Cinema 4D is better for 3D Modeling.

Here is my Tutorial for Cinema 4D Modeling:


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