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I help students gain the skills that will make a difference in work they do for their company or clients

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Short Lessons

Each course is broken down into lessons. Each Lesson is 5-10 minutes long. The lessons are purposely kept short and concise to allow the students absorb the information in short bursts. It’s difficult to get through 30 minute to hour long videos. Also keeping the lessons short allows the student to feel he or she is making progress.

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Project Files

Each Lesson has project files to download. The project files have a Lesson Begin and Lesson End. Students can start with the begin file and follow along with the lesson. The student can also review the end file if he or she gets stuck on something.

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Video Courses

All the courses are in video format. This is a great way to learn because students can watch exactly what the instructor is doing. The students can always rewind rewatch a part of the lesson or course if he or she needs a little more repetition to learn.

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About Astronomic 3D

My Goal is to create a learning environment to allow students from all over the world learn Character and Creature Modeling and Sculpting, Environment Arts, Texturing and Rigging and Animation.

Why Choose Astronomic 3D

  • Short Video Lessons and Courses
  • Download Project files for each lesson.
  • Clear and Concise Instructions, no fluff.
  • Weekly Updates
  • Get more information on YouTube Channel

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Which is better for 3D modelling: ZBrush or Cinema 4D?

Cinema 4D has a more traditional modeling interface and approach to modeling. The user can Modeling using primitives and model using points, edges and Polygons. There is also deformers to change the shape of your models, and Generators for example, Extrude and lathe. Zbrush models in 2.5 Dimensions and then can export objects (OBJ format) in 3 […]

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